Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Review of Reebok New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Champions Women's Locker Room Hooded Fleece

Originally submitted at NFL

The cozy Reebok® New Orleans Saints Super Bowl® XLIV Champions women's Locker Room hooded fleece is a great way to show off your team's big win. It displays a Super Bowl® Champions graphic and team logo on the chest, while a front pouch pocket is right underneath to keep your...

Comfy and warm, yet lightweight

By Amanda the Saints Fanatic from Bangor, PA on 2/28/2010


4out of 5

Sizing: Feels too small

Pros: Authentic Look, Shows Off Team Pride, Stylish, Quality Construction, Warm

Cons: Just a smidge on the smal

Best Uses: Watching The Game on TV, At The Game, Anytime, Around Town

Describe Yourself: Die Hard Sports Fan, Stylish

I love that this hoodie has some stretch to it, but it seems to run a bit small. It's very warm for a lightweight sweatshirt.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

28 day organizing challenge

Yeah, I know, scary pics, but here's why I shared them:

OrgJunkie is my favorite blog. Laura shares my passion for containers and organizing. She's kind of my hero, lol. Anyway, she's hosting a 28 day organizing challenge and I think this is the perfect motivation to clean up Ethan's pigsty, I mean bedroom. I'm mortified to show the before pics. It's bad. It's really bad. I feel like a terrible mom for letting his room get this nasty, but we're going to fix that this month.

I know there's a ton of stuff that he doesn't need anymore in that disaster. He's 11, so a lot of toys can go. And don't even get me started on the garbage, or the drinks that he's not supposed to have in there. I've been a slacker mom, but that's about to change. Sorry Ethan!

Friday, January 8, 2010

home sweet home

We are staying in our house!! It's been a hellish few months with everything up in the air. I really tried to ignore it through the holidays, but wasn't very successful. I'm so glad that it's over. I can't believe that they waited until exactly 24 hours from our court date to make a deal. Thy didn't give us exactly what we asked for, but it should be enough. They lowered our monthly payment by over $200 and added everything onto the end of the loan. So, now I have to Fed-Ex them our first payment by Jan 22nd, then we don't have another payment due until April. I think I can do that. We'll have Joel's next 2 paychecks to get the money together and sent out. Then I have 2 months to get everything caught up and start figuring out our new budget.

In other news, I'm fat. Stress has not been good to me. I'm way heavier than I've ever been and my skin is a mess. I signed up for WW online Monday. I'm having a bit of a hard time getting it down. I suck at figuring out points. I had some fish the other night that I bought at the store thinking they were healthy, but they were 8 points. That seems like a lot to me. I'm also not a huge fan of veggies, but I'm trying to eat them anyway. I need to find some easy, low point snacks and meals. I guess I need to take the time to surf the WW site.

Joey's been constipated for days. I tried changing his diet a bit, cut out the dairy mostly, lots of juice and water. Started Pedia-lax yesterday, still nothing. I'm not sure what to do.

Ethan is doing great in school, as usual. His teachers love him, but he's not a suck-up, so he still has a ton of friends. I wish he wasn't so snotty at home sometimes, but he's 11. He's helpful 75% of the time, so I let most of it slide.

Other than that, I celebrated my 1 year smoke-free anniversary on Tuesday, as you know, and am now counting down to my birthday. It's 4 weeks from today, in case you were wondering. I think we're going to dinner at Emeril's and gambling at the Sand's.

I hope the new year is going well for you!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 sounds make believe

Happy New Year! I'm having a hard time with the year 2010. It sounds too futuristic and made up. I can't believe how much life speeds up as you get older. It really make me appreciate the little things that I would never have bothered to notice when I was younger.

January 5th is just 2 days away. That will be my one year quitaversary! Yeah, I made that word up, sue me. I'm so freakin' excited that it's been almost a year since I quit smoking. I'm going to buy myself an anniversary present. I think maybe a new Coach wallet or wristlet is necessary.

Since January 5th is such a good day for me, it's also the day I'll start this year's goal. I want to lose about 40 lbs. I put 25 on last year after the whole no smoking thing began, but I was still carrying 15 lbs of baby weight. Well, the baby is over 2 years old, so let's get rid of this weight. I miss being thin.

I'm not good at following orders or rules, so I'm not on a specific diet. I'm going to eat healthier and exercise more. That's it. That's my master plan. No Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, etc, just do better than I am. Maybe I'll set up mini goals and challenges each month to keep it interesting. Eating healthy is a big challenge for me because I've always avoided most fruits and veggies. Seriously, I suck at nutrition. So, that's my first project, to incorporate more veggies and fruits into my meals and snacks.

Stick around. This could get interesting!

Friday, December 11, 2009

my bad

It seems, once again, that I've been neglecting this poor lonely blog. I'm overextended, as always. I can't say that I'll be back much before the holidays are over. I hope that you're all well and have a wonderful Christmas!

Friday, October 16, 2009

I've been a bad, bad girl...

First off, my gram is home and doing just fine. They increased her blood thinner a smidge and put a screen in so the clot can't go anywhere.

Now, back to the bad girl stuff.

Money is tight. Housing sitch is up in the air. But I had a 20% off coupon for the Coach outlet!!! What the hell was I supposed to do?

Of course I went shopping. Like you didn't see that coming. I had every intention of just buying a wallet or wristlet, maybe even a card case. But then I saw it, or maybe it saw me first, because this baby

was calling my name. Isn't she lovely? I walked all the way around, looked at everything, but I could not resist this bag. Then I did the math. The original retail price was $298. It was marked down to $210. It was then on sale for 50% off, bringing it down to $105. I had a 20% off coupon on top of that. The grand total came to $89 and change. It was meant to be.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

excuses, excuses

Hi, remember me? Should I even bother to apologize for being a sucky blogger? Nah, let's just move on.

September was chaotic here in the Shoup-Thornell household. A few days after my last post, I tripped over one of Joey's toys and end up in the ER with a torn ligament in my right foot. That was fun. I was in a splint and on crutches for a few weeks. I hobbled my way through planning and throwing Joey's 2nd birthday party. That's right, my baby is 2!!!

October is shaping up to be super busy. I don't have a free day in the next 2 weeks! Ok, some of those are planned shopping excursions, but still. I'm a busy girl. I like it though. It keeps my mind occupied and gives me less time to stress.

Saturday, I'm doing the Light the Night walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Here's the link to donate a few dollars if you're so inclined.

Any help is appreciated.

Hell. Just got a phone call that my grandmother's in the hospital with a blood clot in her leg. She's really in poor health to begin with. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

sucky blogger

I'm not the best at blogging. Ok, I mostly flat out suck at it. I like reading other blogs, mostly about coupons and saving money, but I never have anything to see in my own. I have a "journal" on a message board that I've pretty much abandoned as well. I've been sucked into the quicksand that is Facebook, and I rarely come up for air. Want an update? Here it is in a list!! Like you're surprised.

  • Put our house up for sale a few weeks ago. This involves much less computer time as I clean, organize and pack stuff away.
  • Looked at a few houses for rent. Loved one, but didn't get there quick enough. Was swarmed by fleas in another. Didn't love that so much.
  • Looking at a house across the street from our house today. That'd be really convenient!
  • Planning Joey's 2nd birthday party. I can't believe he's almost 2! Well, actually I can, because the terrible twos are in full effect!
  • We're having a Sesame Street party for him at my parents' house on the 20th. I'm gathering up ideas right now and will do most of the shopping in the next week.
  • I'm annoyed at people who don't RSVP. I need to have some numbers to work with in the planning process!
  • Speaking of RSVPing, I'm super-bummed that I can't make it to my BFF's wedding in San Antonio next month. With our living situation up in the air, I just can't justify the airfare, hotel and car rental. Joel'd kill me. Sorry Suze! I love you!
  • My Avon biz is like a freakin' roller coaster. I had next to no orders last campaign, but the one before that was HUGE! I hate the lack of consistency, but it's my own fault for not putting the necessary effort into it.
  • Another roller coaster of note is my emotional state. Yes, we all know this is nothing new, but the house stress is driving me insane, and not slowly!
  • Today marks 8 months since I quit smoking. 8 months, people!! that's 2/3 of a year! I'm impressed. It hasn't been easy.
  • Kids are back in school, and I love it. I like the easiness of just me and Joey at home. Also, it makes running errands less chaotic.
  • I need to do some fall clothes shopping, but I also need to spend as little money as possible. Sounds like a fun challenge to me!
  • Joey and I are doing a 5K walk for Via next Sunday with some friends from my MOMS Club. Feel free to donate here.
  • I've gotten a bit of Christmas shopping done already. I ordered some awesome stuffed animals from my good friend Alison. She does amazing work!
  • My front teeth hurt. Not cool.

That's all I got, friends. Things are crazy here, but I don't know any other way, so it works. Have a great Labor day weekend!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kohl's savings

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Spend less than $75 and save 15% using coupon code: GIVEME15

Spend $75 or more and save 20% using coupon code: TAKE20JULY plus free shipping

Tuesday, June 30, 2009