Saturday, September 5, 2009

sucky blogger

I'm not the best at blogging. Ok, I mostly flat out suck at it. I like reading other blogs, mostly about coupons and saving money, but I never have anything to see in my own. I have a "journal" on a message board that I've pretty much abandoned as well. I've been sucked into the quicksand that is Facebook, and I rarely come up for air. Want an update? Here it is in a list!! Like you're surprised.

  • Put our house up for sale a few weeks ago. This involves much less computer time as I clean, organize and pack stuff away.
  • Looked at a few houses for rent. Loved one, but didn't get there quick enough. Was swarmed by fleas in another. Didn't love that so much.
  • Looking at a house across the street from our house today. That'd be really convenient!
  • Planning Joey's 2nd birthday party. I can't believe he's almost 2! Well, actually I can, because the terrible twos are in full effect!
  • We're having a Sesame Street party for him at my parents' house on the 20th. I'm gathering up ideas right now and will do most of the shopping in the next week.
  • I'm annoyed at people who don't RSVP. I need to have some numbers to work with in the planning process!
  • Speaking of RSVPing, I'm super-bummed that I can't make it to my BFF's wedding in San Antonio next month. With our living situation up in the air, I just can't justify the airfare, hotel and car rental. Joel'd kill me. Sorry Suze! I love you!
  • My Avon biz is like a freakin' roller coaster. I had next to no orders last campaign, but the one before that was HUGE! I hate the lack of consistency, but it's my own fault for not putting the necessary effort into it.
  • Another roller coaster of note is my emotional state. Yes, we all know this is nothing new, but the house stress is driving me insane, and not slowly!
  • Today marks 8 months since I quit smoking. 8 months, people!! that's 2/3 of a year! I'm impressed. It hasn't been easy.
  • Kids are back in school, and I love it. I like the easiness of just me and Joey at home. Also, it makes running errands less chaotic.
  • I need to do some fall clothes shopping, but I also need to spend as little money as possible. Sounds like a fun challenge to me!
  • Joey and I are doing a 5K walk for Via next Sunday with some friends from my MOMS Club. Feel free to donate here.
  • I've gotten a bit of Christmas shopping done already. I ordered some awesome stuffed animals from my good friend Alison. She does amazing work!
  • My front teeth hurt. Not cool.

That's all I got, friends. Things are crazy here, but I don't know any other way, so it works. Have a great Labor day weekend!

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