Thursday, February 19, 2009

gooey and green

Greetings from the land of snot, and a host of other gross germy things. I've been MIA online and in real life due to the cooties that have taken over our home. It started last Monday. Joey threw up overnight both Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday night I started throwing up and, um, losing it from the other end as well. Unfortunately, we had infected my mom as well. Joel was at work byt the time I realized how very sick I was, so poor Ethan had to stay home and take care of Joey. I couldn't do a thing but run for the bathroom. I slept from 5pm on Thursday until 9am Friday. I was that exhausted. Friday, Joey woke up with a head cold, which my poor dad got as well. Mom and I were both a bit off, but managed to run a few errands. Saturday, Mom woke up sick again and Joey threw up his cup of milk. That was the end of dairy for him for a few days. Joel got the cold on Saturday. Joel never gets sick. Everyone was doing ok Sunday. Joel, Joey and Dad had the cold, but none were too bad. Monday I got the cold and so did Mom. It's still lingering for me, Mom and Joey, but it's tolerable for the most part.

That's whats been happening round these parts. Exciting, no? I have a list of things to do today, but nothing major on the slate. I need to figure something out for dinner. I have ground beef and chicken. Hmmmm.

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