Wednesday, February 4, 2009

almost a month

* Tomorrow is not only my 30th birthday but it also marks the one month anniversary of being smoke free!

* I like doing my randomness with bullet points. Ok, technically they're asterisks.

* I gained 10 pounds since I gave up my Curves membership. Yikes!

* Joey tried to kill us both today. (himself by almost diving down the steps face first, me by the corrseponding heart attack)

* My foot pain is getting worse daily.

* I really need to get to the post office but my anxiety has me homebound today. I hate this.

* Joel and Ethan want pasta and sauce for dinner. I was planning on brats, hot dogs and fries. Hmmm.

* I want the ice gone from my driveway.

* I'm getting nothing done during Joey's nap today.

* Did I mention that tomorrow I turn 30?!?!

* I selfishly think I should get spectacular gifts this year. If I have to turn 30, I should be well rewarded.

* I'm having a bit of an issue with 2 of my friends. It's disappointing.

* That's all. Class dismissed.

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