Sunday, February 22, 2009

please don't let me be misunderstood

Joey and I have America's Top 40 on. Of course, it's the countdown from 2/18/78, but that makes it more fun. I feel like shit. We're still sick, and now my bladder is acting up. Just what I needed. Anyway, here's what's happening here:

* It's snowing, again. I had kind of hoped that we had seen that last of it. I love snow, but my driveway was frozen solid for almost 2 entire months. Enough now. Let's move on.

* My feelings get hurt easily, I know. I way too sensitive. But still, it really upset me to realize that I wasn't invited to a wedding that I had stupidly assumed I would be. I guess you're not always as close to people as you think. Please don't show me all of the stuff for the wedding and then leave me of the list. That's hurtful.

* I have another friend that's MIA. I mean she's there, but only when she wants to be, it seems. So, I guess I'll stop holding my breath. I was starting to turn blue anyway.

* I'm taking a ridiculous amount of cold, flu and sinus meds. Nothing is working.

* Joey has been horrifyingly clingly for days now. He literally screams just about every waking minute that I'm not holding him. He doesn't want Daddy or his brother, just me. It's making me crazy. I mean seriously crazy. I put him in the crib the other day and just sobbed in the shower. Mama needs a break, and a stiff drink. Alas, no money for booze.

* If work doesn't pick up for Joel soon, we're going to be screwed. I'm the queen of budgeting and bargaining, but I can only do so much. I don't want to make anymore cuts. I DO NOT want to give up my premium tv or dsl internet. I'm home all day, and these are the only things helping to retain my sanity. I NEED them.

* I'm crying. I do that a lot lately. Too much stress and whining and sickness. Did I mention that I may be going crazy?

* It's just about naptime. I need one too, and a drink. A tall one.

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