Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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I let Joey title this post. Can you tell? After about a month of being under siege, the germ infestation seems to be over. That's right, we're finally healthy! I'd do a happy dance if my calves didn't hurt. Here's what's happening with us:

* Joey is a daredevil. He dives off of furniture. He also says "ouch" now when he hits his head. So, yes, I do hear the word "ouch" at least 15 times a day.

* Ethan missed an entire week of school with the flu. It was terrible. The poor kid hasn't been that sick in years. I think he was a toddler the last time he got it that bad.

* We got Ethan's mid-term progress report last week. All A's and B's! Mama's proud.

* Work finally seems to be picking up a little for Joel. He's still not back to where he was before the holidays, but any increase helps at this point.

* Josh is having his next back surgery March 26th. Any thoughts or prayers would be appreciated.

* Darin is all signed up for flag football. Joel's excited. We always say he's built like a linebacker, so it works. Even better, his games are at the field across the street from our house!

* I'm trying to get in shape and drop some weight by summer. In total, I'd like to lose 30 pounds. I've started running again, and it's hard! I haven't run in about 3-4 years. I joked with Katie the other day that I was practicing in case someone ever chased me.

* My anxiety has been out of control since the first of the year. I thin kthe weight loss and exercise will help with that. I am not happy with the way I look, so I'm sure that adds to my reluctance to go out of the house. I mean, nothing fits right anymore. It makes me sad.

* I'm forcing myself to do more things, be more social. I went to breakast with 2 moms from my Moms Club last week. It was soooo great to have someone to talk to about al lof the stuff I'm thinking. No offense to the kids, but they're not the best conversationalists. Damn, that was a big word. I wonder if I spelled it right. Moreso, I wonder if I'll actually remember to spell check this post.

* I'm having a kick ass week with my Avon biz. I have 3 new customers, and a few old ones placing big orders. The stuff is great, and it really sells itself. I just have to put it out there more.

* Joel and I have been snipping at each other for days. One of us is PMSing, I'm just not sure which.

* I'm addicted to money saving blogs. I follow so many of them. I'm amazed at the deals out there, just waiting for me. I'll pimp them as soon as I figure out how to do so.

* I made a delish pasta sauce tonight, all starting with a jar of Ragu. I added parmesan, minced garlic, seasoned salt, ground beef, diced onion and diced green peppers. It was so yummy. Even Ethan liked it, and he's our fussiest.

* That's about all I got for today. Someone kick me every few days if I forget to update here! I'm off to enjoy a glass of wine and play on Pogo. Later taters!

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