Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April fool

Luckily, my family is too afraid of my wrath to play any April Fools pranks on me. Lot's to do here today. Want to see my list? Too bad, you're getting it anyway.

To do:
* finish yesterday's laundry
* dishes
* defrost pasta sauce
* send out evites for TS book party
* pick up fundraiser candy 3-6
* sort toys, again
* attempt to find something in my closet that fits and is appropriate for a funeral
* print coupons from mypoints
* look through next campaign's books
* vacuum living room

That's just what I can think of for now. I cleaned most of the kitchen yesterday and the downstairs bathroom, so that's out of the way. Trying to get all of my major cleaning and rearranging done now, so I just have to do a quick pass for Easter dinner.

Speaking of Easter, I have to share that I got my ham for free! Yes, some of you have already heard this story. So, I wanted to get a really big ham while they were on sale so I could use the leftovers for a bunch of meals. I picked up an 12.23lb ham that was originally $52.47 but was on sale for the great price of $22.99. I figured it was less than half price, so I was doing great. Well, when we got up to the register, it scanned at $24.38. I went to the service desk and told them what happened and the girl tried to give me the difference. Um, no way. There's a huge, I mean huge, sign right behind her with their price accuracy promise, stating that if it rings up the wrong price, the item is free.

So, I got a $52 ham for free. Besides Easter, we'll get at least 8 more meals out of it. You can't beat that!

Oh, and I kicked Rite-Aid's ass yesterday:

The refills for my Shick Intutition razor were BOGO, plus I had a $4 off manufacturer's coupon, so I got $22.58 worth of cartridges for $7.29.

I bought all of our Easter candy too. I got $16.68 worth of candy for $8.02 with BOGO deals on 4 bags of Hershey candy, plus a $1.50 coupon. Also, the Russel Stover eggs we all like were less than half price.

I bought a few other odds and ends we needed, like more sippy cups at 50% off, and used my $5 off $25 coupon.

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