Friday, April 24, 2009

busy bee

TGIF peeps!

It's absolutely gorgeous out. Joey and I went to the park with a few of the Mom's Club moms. He's still a little young for the park though. I have to be on top of him every second, so we only stayed for half an hour. I was tired of climbing, sliding and chasing by then.

After that we headed over to the mall in search of sandals for him and Ethan. I had a $5 coupon for Famous Footwear, and they were having a great sale.

Joey got these.

Ethan got these.

It should have cost $50, but I paid $35. Not bad.

We did 3 laps around the mall for a bit of exercise, then ate some Subway. Now we're home, Joey's napping and I'm doing laundry. Joel should be home around 2-3. I'm going the gym at 3, then we're going our separate ways for the evening. He's going to ride his motorcycle for the first time this year. Ethan's going to Carol's for the night, right after school. Joey and I will hang out with my parents for a few hours.

Tomorrow, Joel's working. Joey and I are going to walk downtown at noon for the grand opening of a new consignment shop. We're getting Josh and Darin sometime in the afternoon, and Ethan will be home around 7.

Sunday is our American Lung Association Walk for Life & Breath, then Kim's baby shower.

Busy, busy, busy! The beautiful weather makes me happy to be out and about though, so I don't mind it. I just hope we don't melt on our walk!

Today - Sunny, 74
Tomorrow - Partly Cloudy, 87
Sunday - Partly Cloudy, 86
Monday - Sunny, 87
Tuesday - Partly Cloudy, 83

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