Wednesday, April 29, 2009

pumped full of pollen

Ok, who shoved the pollen up my nose while I wasn't looking? Damn, these allergies suck. My head feels like a lead weight, yet stuffed full of cotton. Yeah, I know it doesn't make much sense, but that's me.

Life goes on. No rest for the snotty, or wicked, or whatever. Joey thought it'd be fun to see if we could fly yesterday. We can't. We did, however, fall down the back porch steps. Luckily, he landed on top. I landed on my back, with my poor noggin bouncing off of the concrete porch. It was great fun. We're both fine, just a bit of a bump on my head and a few scrapes and bruises. Damn kid is squirmy.

Today was much more fun. We went to a Moms Club meeting, took a 2.5 hour nap, then went to Target with Jill and my mom. Came home to the guys grilling our dinner. I love when I don't have to cook. Now Joel & Joey are in bed. Ethan and I will both be headed up shortly.

Joey has his (belated) 18 month check up tomorrow morning. Other than that, we're pretty much free until the weekend madness.

I'm off to pop some allergy pills, wash them down with Nyquil, and attempt to sleep without drooling. Good night!

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