Monday, May 4, 2009

commitment issues

Look, I already missed day 3! Not a shocker, as I have memory issues lately. Oh well, I'll have to double up today.

There's really not a whole lot going on here. Jill and I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen, making buffalo chicken dip and then chili. We also watched Bride Wars, which I really liked.

Today, I was supposed to host a Moms Club event at the park, but it's raining, again. I have plans to do the grocery shopping and go to Curves. That's it. Nothing exciting.

Today's list shopping list!

  • kielbasa (sale)
  • burgers (sale)
  • grapes (sale)
  • carpet cleaner (sale & coupon)
  • chicken
  • ground beef
  • ice cream (sale)
  • creamer (coupon)
  • pierogies (coupon)
  • juice (coupon)
  • mini tacos (coupon)
  • taquitos (coupon)
  • rice (coupon)
  • taco seasoning (coupon)
  • chili
  • shredded cheese
  • cheese wiz
  • tortillas
  • sliced cheese
  • milk
  • lettuce

Now I have to try to find coupons for all of that.

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