Thursday, May 7, 2009

whiney pants

Complaining ahead, just a warning.

Joel's job is really pissing me off. First his hours were cut. Now he has to work 6 days a week to make what he used to bring home in five. Then the decided to give us TWO FREAKIN DAYS NOTICE that they were changing payday from Friday to Monday. Now, today, they gave his load away to another driver. He was supposed to leave at 6am, but he's still here. This messes up my whole day, and I'll explain how, in list form!!
  • He's playing the Wii. This interrupts our Sesame Street/Rachael Ray schedule.
  • He finished the coffee. I had to make more.
  • He will now be home hours later that he was supposed to be, so I have no one to watch the kids while I go to the gym.
  • We probably won't be able to get Josh & Darin at all tonight.
  • It'll probably just be me, Ethan & Joey for dinner now, so I have to re plan.
  • I just hate last minute changes!!!!

Ok, glad to have that off my chest. Nothing really on the agenda here today. Depending on what time Ethan gets off the bus, we may try to hit a Mom's Club event at Rita's. I could use some Gelato.

Complaining addition:

  • Now he's just left, and Joey is pissed. Really pissed. This should make my day fun.

O, where was I? Oh, yeah, really not much to do. If we meet Summer at Rita's, we might as well run down to my grandmother's to pick up my mom's Mother's Day/ Birthday present.

I wonder what I'm getting for Mother's Day? I'll take peace ad quiet, please.

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