Thursday, May 21, 2009


So, I've started packing for our weekend getaway. And, yes, I have lists of what to pack. Duh. I've realized that my OCD issues stretch farther than just list making. I seriously over pack. Not so much for me, but for the kids. There are too many what ifs. What if it's colder than the forecast. What if it rains. What if one of them has an accident? What if the get overly messy and need to change? What if their clothing gets ripped? Gah, I sound like a crazy person, even in my own head!

But, seriously, packing for a 20 month old is hard. He needs a lot of stuff on a daily basis! I'm trying to downsize as much as possible, but I have a feeling I'm still taking way more stuff than a sane person would. Good think I'm ok with being a little bit crazy.

Not too sure what we're up to here today. Right now we're watching Sesame Street while I make up our to do list. I need to grab a few things from the grocery store for sure. I really don't feel like doing much. I want to be on vacay already!

  • grocery store
  • post office
  • plan dinner
  • 1 load of laundry
  • death by Jillian (also known as 30 day shred)
  • more packing and list making

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