Thursday, January 15, 2009

it's looming

I do a bunch of online surveys. Today I was doing one and when I got to the age question, it hit me. I only have a few weeks left in the 25-29 group! Yikes! I'm not really dreading my 30th birthday like I thought I would. My life is pretty good. But still, the reminder that my 20s are about to be over make me nervous. Not that they were all that spectacular. I made some serious mistakes people, but they are going out on a good note. I get to stay home and raise my kids. I have a semi-reliable vehicle that we paid cash for. The bills are almost cought up. We have a house that is starting to look like a home, not just a gigantic storage unit. Joel loves me, even when I'm psychotic and break the keyboard tray and threaten to leave. (it's not pretty when you combine pms with quitting smoking) So, all in all, I have it pretty good. I'm feeling more comfortable about the next decade of my life than I had expected to.

Feel free to start sending gifts now so that they are here by 2/5. *wink wink*

10 days smoke free!

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