Monday, January 12, 2009

they just sneak up on you

Mondays are sneaky. I'm always surprised when the weekend is over. It just goes way too fast, especially since I've managed to be sick most of the last two. It was a nice, low-key weekend, which is what I love best. Saturday we had all of the kids and about 4-5 inches of new snow. I laid around and watched football most of the day while Joel entertained the kids for the most part. Sunday Joey, Ethan & I went to my parents to watch the games. 3/4 of the teams I wanted to win this weekend did. Damn those Eagles, though.

Not a whole lot going on today. I got an email from one of the girls in my MOMs Club trying to start up a playgroup for Joey's age group. I'm excited about that, especially since she only lives a few minutes away from us. Joey just got up from his nap and we're waiting for Ethan to get home from school. Then we are off and running. My mom's picking us up to run errands, like she usually does on Mondays. We're headed to the bank, my grandmother's house to deliver Avon and to Giant for more groceries. I swear I go grocery shopping every other day! Living in a house full of boys and animals, we're always running out of things. After that, if it's early enough, I have to mail an eBay package. If not, it'll wait until tomorrow.

That's about all that's going on around here. I have a cake in the oven that Ethan requested. It's smelling very chocolaty in here!

Chicken Fajitas are on the menu for tonight. Oh, that last concoction of biscuits, veggies, chicken and gravy was very yummy. Ethan and Joel both loved it and they have very differing food preferences. Score!

And, by the way, I am smoke free for a whole week as of this morning!

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