Monday, January 5, 2009

Manic Monday

You know, Mondays suck for us SAHMs too, or at least they do for me. All weekend I let most of the housework slide and just spend time with Joel and the kids. So, when Monday rolls around, it's time to play catch up. That's no easy task when you're home alone all day with a 15 month old. And we have errands to run on top of that. Her's our agenda for today:

* head over to my mom's at 11 for lunch
* stop by the bank to deposit money
* grocery shopping with mom

then home to:

* do laundry
* do dishes
* start my cleaning and organization plan for 2009

I need to do something to organize and de-clutter this house. We have too much stuff and nowhere to go with it all. I think I'll do one room a week until the massive work is done, then pick a room a day to keep up. I have to be less lazy this year!

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