Wednesday, January 28, 2009

pot pie

I'm in love with the Chicken Pot Pie that Giant makes. Is back in the carryout area, next to the deli counter. They are huge, and have humongous chunks of chicken, not little bitty cubes. Yum!

Ethan has another snow day today. Too bad he's in trouble, again, and can't enjoy it much. It works to my advantage, though, because he's been playing with Joey most of the day. Speaking of Joey, I think he finally have fallen asleep in the crib. I've been waiting for this, so I can nap too. I'm so lazy today.

Everyone is healthy again for a change. Let's hope it stays that way for a while.

We're having a very small Superbowl deal here. By very small I mean us and my parents. I had invited our best friends, Jill and Eric, but they seem to have fallen off the face of the earth, again. If anyone sees them, please return them ASAP. Thanks.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad that you all are feeling better.

    I'll have to look out for that Chicken Pot pie. Sounds yummy.